Acura Navigation DVD: Where to Buy Online Cheap

For a list of the best online resources for the 2014 Acura Navigation DVD then please read through the links below which will take you to the cheapest online prices for drivers wanting to purchase an Acura navigation update.

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Why Buy the Acura Navigation DVD 2014?

You might ask yourself, what’s the point in buying an Acura Navigation DVD?  In very simple terms, without the latest maps Acura navigation updates installed on your in-dashboard navigation system, you won’t feel the full benefit of the system and there’s every chance you will be getting lost quite frequently when driving across and throughout the United States and North America.  The company behind the new Acura Navigation Update is called HERE. They are the leading supplier of digital mapping technology to a raft of multi-national companies around the globe.  In simple terms, their maps work.

New Road and New Miles on the Latest Disc

But in terms of reasons why you should buy, it’s very simple.  Last year alone there was around half a million miles worth of changes happening on the roads in our country – none of those changes are going to be installed by default on your existing navigation system as software.  Also, roads have changed and businesses will have either moved address, or opened up new.  You won’t have those addresses on your Acura navigation system – and they only way in which you can get them is buying loading up new Acura GPS updates into the system – and that can be done via a disc and DVD.


How You Install

You will get the new updates on a disc via the postal service. Once you get them eject your old DVD and insert the new one. The map updates will then start to install automatically.

Don’t switch off the Acura ignition whilst this is happening as this has been known to lead to a corrupt install which means the new maps won’t display correctly. Also pay close attention to the serial number that is printed on the disc packaging - without this you won’t be able to active the new GPS updates when you drive.

Website Review of Pro2col Managed File Transfer

Each week I will try to review a different website from the World of Managed File Transfer.  This week it’s the turn of the Pro2Col Group - I didn’t know about these guys until I saw their superb YouTube video I spoke about earlier today - but they are definitely worth a look. If you want to see their website then click here - or read my notes below.

First off, it’s a Wordpress site, but you wouldn’t immediately recognise that due to the high level of customisation that they’ve put into the HTML and CSS… however, it’s not really about that, I’d rather talk about the content.  It’s all about managed file transfer and has some superb information even if you don’t know much about the subject.  

With easy to use navigation it’s very easy to quickly jump into the certain relevant sections - for example you can get straight into information about Ipswitch Moveit adhoc or any of the other major brands.

The way the website presents information about managed file transfer is really good. Using the homepage as an example i love the sliding carousel functionality which lets you quickly and easily jump to a major talking point, news, service, or solutions based page.

Overall I would give the website 7.5 out of 10…